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Cloud Linux VPS 1

Processor 1 vCPU
RAM 512 MB
Bandwidth 3TB
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Cloud Windows VPS 1

Processor 1vCPU
Bandwidth 3TB
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Why VPS Hosting from Paradigm Solutions?

Paradigm Solutions South Africa offers, Reliable and fast cloud virtual private server in windows and Linux different flavors VPS hosting at very competitive prices

VPS vs the remainder

Shared hosting runs on shared resources and there aren’t any dedicated RAM or CPU allocations. As your website grows, you’ll encounter performance problems as a result of your web site and information need additional system resources.

For this Virtual private Servers are available. VPS offers you dedicated virtual resources, as well as your own space, vCPU, RAM. By taking advantage of those resources, you optimise your application and revel in improved performance and bigger stability.