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Bulk SMS Bundles & File2SMS

The simplest and easiest way to send SMS messages! Whether you are looking for single or Bulk SMS, we have the ideal Web based Single and Bulk SMS bundles solution for you. All you need to do is enter the cell number and text message. You also get WebSMS free of charge, giving you the freedom to send texts anytime, anywhere. User Our Desktop Bulk SMS Messenger Software to send SMS. Schedule SMS Message to be sent out using our Bulk SMS Web Portal.

SMS BundlesPer SMS CostPrice Tagline Order Now
100 SMSR 0.30R 30.00signup_red_small
500 SMSR 0.30R 150.00signup_red_small
1000 SMSR 0.30R 290.00signup_red_small
2000 SMSR 0.30R 580.00signup_red_small
5000 SMSR 0.29R 1450.00signup_red_small
10,000 SMSR 0.28R 2800.00signup_red_small
25 000 SMSR 0.27R 6750.00signup_red_small
50 000 SMSR 0.26R 13 000.00signup_red_small
100 000 SMSR 0.25R 25 000.00signup_red_small
250 000 SMSR 0.24R 60 000.00signup_red_small
500 000 SMSR 0.23R 115 000.00signup_red_small
1 000 000 SMSR 0.22R 220 000.00signup_red_small
3 000 000 SMSR 0.21R 630 000.00signup_red_small
5 000 000 SMSR 0.19R 950 000.00signup_red_small
All our pricing includes VAT. When comparing with competitor pricing please make sure you “add VAT” to there pricing because usually competitors advertise pricing exluding VAT which is misleading

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Features & Benefits of BULK SMS Bundles

  • Free Web Based Bulk SMS Portal
  • Free Desktop Bulk SMS Messenger
  • Schedule Bulk SMS Via Web Based SMS portal
  • SMS’s are 160 characters long.
  • Send SMS for as low as 0.19 cents to any network in South Africa
  • Purchase SMS credits in batches of 100 SMS’s, 500 SMS’s, 1000 SMS’s, 5000 SMS’s and so on.
  • Easy to use Web based Interface
  • Send Single and Bulk SMS from our Website directly
  • Integrate our SMS system directly into your website or application.
  • View SMS send history online.
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery at very low cost per SMS.
  • Have the flexibility to send from any PC, anywhere you have an internet connection.