Domain Reseller FAQ’s

Can I register a domain while my site is being hosted?

Yes, this is possible. Once registered, you can provide us with a holding page.

Can I register through you and host with another service provider?

Yes, this possible. You will either need to provide us with the Name Servers or A record for the hosting server.

Your domain reseller, is this only for coza domains?

That is correct.

How does your domain reseller work.

Domain reseller is a credit based system on a stand alone website portal. When registering, you will need to ensure that there is sufficient funds available.

Can I use your bulk domain registration plan to register domains?

You can. This however is only for coza domains and will require all names upfront

Can I renew my domains with your bulk domain packages?

Yes you can. However, this is only for coza domains that will need to be registered or under our control. Renewal period should be within the same time frame.

How long can I reserve a domain name for?

Domain are registered and renewed on a yearly bases. Certain domains can be registered and renewed for multiple years.